How does it work?


Traditionally your AGA cooker is heated by burning a fuel within a cast iron combustion chamber

The heat generated is then transferred to the ovens by conduction through a steel contact plate between the ovens. We convert the heat source to electricity by installing the ElectricKit. This now applies the energy where it is needed allowing us to do away with the large cast mass of the combustion chamber and flue ways.

One element powers the ovens (2 door) and the hobs are independently controlled by their own thermostats and separate elements. By removing a large part of this unwanted mass of cast we radically improve the heat-up times i.e. oven from cold takes around 1 hour to reach 200 ᵒC.

The hobs are now totally independent of the ovens and the reduced mass means you can be frying an egg within 10 minutes from switching a hob on.

The oven temperature is controlled by a system used on commercial ovens and kilns which is much more reliable. This means you are able to cook with pinpoint temperature control as a result, improving efficiency (see here for more reasons on why to convert).

The temperature you set for the top oven is the temperature you get within a few degrees. This is a big improvement on the old operating system where differences have been recorded of up to 20% of the set temperature due to the slow recovery times of the conduction method and the drag / tolerance of the thermostat.

The LED readout shows the temperature of the top oven and the mercury is no longer needed for temperature monitoring. For the 4 oven heat-storage cookers an extra element with its own independent control is added.

The ElectricKit compared to other electric AGA conversion options

The ElectricKit bypasses the slow process of heating the steel plate by positioning electrically heated elements in a position where heat transfer to the cast ovens can take place much more rapidly and save several hours on oven heat up times. As you are no longer dependent on having to heat up a large cast combustion chamber which can take up to six hours to bring to temperature, the times are reduced and savings are made.

This is the reason why the running cost of the ElecticKit conversion can be lower than other electric conversions which still depend on slowly heating the combustion chamber to provide heat to the ovens through a contact plate.

AGAs compatible with the ElectricKit

  • 2 Oven oil AGA

  • 2 Oven gas AGA

  • 2 Oven solid fuel AGA

  • 4 Oven oil AGA

  • 4 Oven gas AGA

  • 4 oven solid fuel AGA

If the AGA currently provides hot water either an immersion will be needed or the hot water cylinder plumbed into the central heating boiler.

And good news! A Rayburn version is coming soon. Contact us and we'll let you know once it's ready.